Quickr when the fix pack 1 is not enough

I was confident that installing Quickr (Domino version) as an upgrade over a previous Quickr 8 server, everything would be smooth and easy, as in previous cases.
But soon after the installation I found some very annoying bugs:
  • I could not create new areas
  • I was unable to login
  • ... more on IBM technote # 1285999 below
I was getting crazy for those weird Quickr behaviour, but later I found an IBM technote that explains everything:
# 1285999 - Known issues after installing Lotus Quickr services for Domino (Fix Pack 1)

Just to sum up, after the Quickr upgrade installation:
  1. if you have already run the QPtool "upgrade" command (worst case, my case!), then you must follow the following Technote: "How to recreate the QuickPlace\quickplace directory" (#1187851) to let Quickr recreate the "quickplace" area.
    It's not difficult, but please follow every instruction very carefully (you have to re-set the LDAP setting and other options, like the first time you did it).

  2. if you were were lucky/lazy enought NOT to upgrade using the QPtool command, then connect to the Fix Central and download a new fix (dll, one ntf) that must be copied in the Quickr installation. Of course, shut down the HTTP task or better the whole Domino server. The name of the hot fix (of Fix Pack 1...) is:
Haste makes waste...
Quickr dev team, please, do more tests before Quickr releases.

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