An unexpected visit...

Yesterday I went to Rimini Hospital to visit my sister Daniela and her husband Marco, Anna's and Matilde's parents.

Since two months ago, I usually go to Rimini every sunday, just to have a chat with my sister and give her some kind of support, at least I'm trying.

You know, it's not easy for everyone of my family living this experience, especially for my sister who sleeps in the hospital and live all day in Neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) keeping a watch on her daughters, from morning to late evening.

Gosh, she's a hero, or simply, she's a good mother.

Every time I go to visit my sister I know I will never see Anna and Matilde, it's forbidden to people other than the childrens' parents, for the baby health.

But yesterday, unexpectedly, I had the chance to go into the NICU for just a few minutes, wearing an aseptic white dress, some plastic shoes and washing my hands very carefully!

My god, the little babies are growing (1.3 Kg, starting from 600 g at birth!) and they begin to seem like (very) little dolls: they are beginning to breath alone, without the help of any machine, trying to eat milk, but still having some problems with their stomach.

We all know that things can get worse at ANY time, and we are all scared for that potential eventuality.
In the past weeks many children in the NICU just died, unexpectedly, just a few weeks since the birth date, and we can only guess the pain, the screams and the tears of their parents...

For us this exeperience it's just like living on the roller-coaster, very good AND also very bad moments in the past weeks: let's keep our fingers crossed!

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Anonymous said...

Ciao Cristian, sei un grande!! Aspettavo da un po' di tempo un post come questo, ma non avevo il coraggio di chiedere nulla. Mai abbassare la guardia, ma quello che hai scritto, oltre a rivelare il tuo animo sensibile, è molto incoraggiante. Simone Moncini