Here is what I will miss from ILUG2008

I will not attend ILUG2008 on June: I'm sorry because I will miss meeting many new and "old" people from the Notes community :(

This year I will attend a wedding in Indonesia, so I will skip the event in Dublin: I hope Bali will be a nice place to visit ;-)

Anyway I guess there will be many guys from the Italian Notes community.

After nearly one year since I attended ILUG2007, here are some snippets left in my memory and heart:
  • nice and polite Irish people, beatiful and welcoming Dublin city
  • good Guinness beer and warm Irish folk music
  • drinking a glass of Jameson whiskey with Vincenzo, just before lunch (I felt dizzy)
  • watch the soccer match between Milan and Liverpool teams: I thought Irish people would support the Italian team, not the English one ;-)
  • interesting technical event and warm Notes community
  • perfect event organization: a big thank to Paul Mooney, Eileen Fitzgerald, Tom Duff, Bill Buchan and all the others who helped organizing the event
  • really good and available speakers from the worldwide Notes community
  • a nice Dublin city and outdoor bus excursion , just the saturday after the event
  • drinking Guinness during Rob Novak's session (Gregory Engels was the first guy to take a glass at the beginning of the session).
    Btw, I was amazed when, during a chat, Rob Novak told me he knew my name from the Quickplace forum... I felt being part of the community ;-)
  • prizes I won during the event: one Ajax book, one mp3/video player. I even refused a prize because I was too lucky (I usually am not)
  • talking to Mary Beth Raven, the R8 user interface lead designer, a very polite person
  • hearing Bill Buchan's weird (funny) Scottish accent
  • meeting the funny VoWe, although he made a joke about Paul Mooney's old Alfa Romeo Italian car, stating BMW cars are better ;-)
Happy ILUG2008 to all, I know it will be a success.


Ed Brill said...

Personally, I'd choose Bali over hanging out with us geeks :-) What part of Bali will you be in? We enjoyed both Sanur and Ubud last year.

Unknown said...

Ed, the funny thing is I really don't know! ;-)

First I will attend the wedding of my friend's sister, then my friend will be my guide to tour around Indonesia: Bali is a must-see location, everyone told me so...

Maybe it's time for me to buy and Indonesia book ;-)

Daniele Vistalli said...

Eh eh, Wove was wrong. Italian cars are better ;) (pun intended).

But you can understand I've the same car as Paul ;)

Anonymous said...

This not right. I'd never promote a BMW. Paul was going to get an Audi. That's a different story.

We like to say that you get Alfas for their good looks. There cannot be another reason. After all, they can't cook. :-)

Unknown said...

You're right Volker, Alfa are very nice, although they cannot cook; BUT if you put an egg on the warm Alfa hood, maybe you will get a tasty German breakfast ;-)

(By the way, I was born in Germany!)

Unknown said...

Och Cristian what a pity you can't make it to Ilug as well ;)
However it seems you are very likely to have a much nicer time in Indonesia.

Never fear! If there are any free pints this year I will ensure yours does not go to waste! Anyway there is always 2009 to look forward to.

PS Cars???? Give me a Ducati, Aprilla , Guzzi, MV Augusta
(oooooo the MV!!!) Honda, Kwak, Yam Triumph, Bavarian brick or god help me a Suzuki....over an car anyday.

Unknown said...

You know what, since I tasted Guinness beer in Dublin, I do not dare to drink Guinness in Italy ;-)

About bikes, actually in live in Borgo Panigale (Bologna), home of the Ducati company: take a look here


Unknown said...


Never drink Guinness if it has traveled over salt water was a rule my grandfather taught me. It has been right apart from 2 countries, Kenya and Canada. Both of whom have Guinness that is drinkable.

I had a Ducati 916Sl for several years as my "scare myself silly" bike It was GREAT!. If you happen to have one fall off the back of a lorry outside your house as it leaves the factory, put it in your garage and let me know. I will be on the next plane over!