My humble ideas on the Notes documentation subject

After my previous post, I took a look to the new Notes/Domino Wiki that was kindly suggested by Amy and Mary Beth:

I think that the suggested wiki is a big step made by IBM to give structured feeback about several issues related to Notes/Domino, but it's not exactly what I meant ;-)

I'll try to sum-up what is in my mind, just making some examples for the Designer Help:

- it should be online and available on theInternet (IBM site)

- it should initially be installed during the Designer client installation and afterwards it should be replicated with the online Help from IBM

- there should be a Notes client user preference to let the programmer choose what Help should be opened when he/she press the F1 button: local Notes client help OR online Help.

- another user preference could be something like a radio button that let the programmer choose what pages he/she wants to read: only IBM official pages, both IBM & user updates

- anyone can read and search the Help (anonymous & authenticated users)

- only authenticated users can make updates to a page: all updates will be just available as a revision of the official page/pages, with date-time and username information

- each revision made by one user can be voted by other authenticated users (thanks IdeaJam), and the most voted revision for a page will be just on top of other revisions, BUT just below the official IBM original page.

- any user should choose if reading only the IBM pages OR both the IBM page AND all revisions made to pages by other users: all users revisions should be available as a link from the official IBM page, revisions sorted by date/time and number of users votes by other users.

- if IBM agrees with one revision (even after some weeks from the posting), IBM can put a flag on that revision, something like "Approved by IBM docs department", or just write a note to a specific post or even disapprove it ;-)

My previous points are just a hint, I guess I missed some other important features ;-)

Anyway, it seems to me that all those features could be programmed as a Notes/Domino database... ;-)

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