Sametime Mobile directly over the carrier network

Sometime ago I wrote a post about troubles I was experiencing using Sametime Mobile client on my BlackBerry phone, trying to connect it to my company Sametime Server, directly over the carrier network, WITHOUT the need of a BES server inside my company.

It turned out that it was not possible!

Just today I've received a comment to my old post from a guy called Mike (Lotus Development), who wrote that now it IS possible to connect directly using Sametime Mobile 8.0 client!

Now I HAVE a BES server so I cannot test it ;) Anyhow I will ask some friends to make a test, they do not have a BES server.

Will you test it too? ;)


Anonymous said...

You should not trust your memory and just copy & paste: the guy from lotus in the other post is signed as "Mike (Lotus Development)" :-)

Unknown said...

Oh my god, my memory is getting worse... Thanks Gianni.. no, Giovanni,... sorry Giuseppe! ;)