Saving your precious e-mail attachments to Quickr

I finally upgraded my Quickr server to the latest version8.1 !
First I upgraded Domino server to release 8.0.1, then I did the Quickr upgrade, very smoothly.

Soon after the upgrade I was wondering:
"What about the Quickr mailbox action button to archive memo attachments to Quickr? Is it now working on Quickr 8.1 as written by Tim some time ago? "

The answer is yes, but...

Here are some advices and notes that maybe can save your time ;)
  • uninstall any previous Quickr Connector from your pc and reboot it
    (I had troubles just upgrading it to the latest version)

  • download the Connector from your Quickr server home page ( http://yourserver/LotusQuickr ) and install it

  • I'm not sure if you need a second pc reboot after the new Connection installation:
    just try it, Computer Science is... science! ;)

  • Open your R8.0.1 mailbox and make sure you can see the Quickr icon in your Inbox folder and also in other folders created by you

  • make sure your Notes client location is setup to connect to your mailbox on the server, NOT on our local replica mailbox (it's not working, maybe a bug)

  • click on the Quickr action button from your mailbox to set up all Quickr preferences:
    (by the way, for some reason I had to set up again the prompt asking me to send attachments as usual OR store them on a Quickr server...)

  • select a memo with attachments from your Inbox and click on menu entry "Save attachments to Quickr..." :

That's all folks!

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