Notes mail ultralite for the iPhone

Let's face it, the iPhone look is really gorgeous...

If you have a Domino R8.0.2 server and you have updated your mailbox to the latest template (mail8.ntf), you can see the nice DWA/iNotes ultralight edition, especially suited for the iPhone (link)

I don't have an iPhone, so I used Firefox browser and the User-Agent switcher add-on (link) to be a fake Opera browser... ;-)

I could see this web page:

Therefore I could see the url to open your mailbox, ultralite version style...

Today I'm too tired to RTFM... ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Chris, I have installed domino 8.0.2 couple weeks ago but could not find idea how to turn my email to ultralite mode until I read your tip here. thanks for sharing. Yes, I am lazy to RTFM.