Sntt Quickr: "The place name you entered is already taken" error message

I was trying to create a new Quickr place, say "myplace". But I could not!
(the problem I found was for that place name only...)

I got the error message: "The place name you entered is already taken"
( in Italian "Il nome di area immesso è già utilizzato" ).

I made some investigation:
  • no place name such that in the PlaceCatalog
  • no "myplace" Quickr databases inside the Domino data directory
So why Quickr continued warning me about an place name already taken?

I found a mail-in definition document inside the Public Address Book (names.nsf), with the same name of the place I was trying to create! After deleting the mail-in definition, I was successful creating the new area.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you! I'd never bumped into this problem before. You saved me a lot of head banging.