Notes 8.5 is missing 1 (-2-3) thing...

At least with Lotus R7 client I could import a .WK3 worksheet from a Notes view, provided each column was a Notes field (if I'm not mistaken):

In Notes client R8.5 I cannot import from Lotus 1-2-3 anymore!

Is it a farewell? or is it going to be replaced with MS Excel Lotus Symphony? ;-)


Dave said...

I ran into this yesterday myself. It really is a hindernace not to be able to do this anymore. Even Symphony has no working with 1-2-3 files. I think its a pipe dream to ever get Excel import ability. We've had to write custom code to do this now... Bummer

Theo Heselmans (Xceed) said...

Indeed, it should be there (or be replaced by an Excel import). I do use it a lot too. Why don't you put this in IdeaJam !

Anonymous said...

simply add the following line to the client notes.ini

VIEWIMPn=Lotus 1-2-3,0,_IWKSV,,.123,.WK1,.WK3,.WK4,.WKS,.WR1,.WRK,,4,

replace n by the next available number . Then restart the client