Sntt: stealing the replication task from Domino

I was developing some Domino applications on a server, say S1 (no local replica).

Those databases applications were replicated on a remote server, say S2, but without any scheduled server replication schedule or custom agent.

I was thinking:
is there any way to run a replication of selected S1 applications towards server S2 , using just a Windows .BAT (batch) file, something I can run when I'm doing my work on Lotus?

The answer was yes.
  • from a Domino 8.5 server I dared to copy the executeble file named nreplica.exe INTO a my Lotus Notes 8.5 program directory (e.g. c:\lotus\notes )

  • I wrote a simple BAT file, myreplica.bat, listing some applications that I wanted to replicate from S1 directly to S2 Domino server (no local replica), something like the following:
    nreplica.exe S2/org S1!!mydir\app1.nsf
    nreplica.exe S2/org S1!!mydir\app2.nsf

  • I run the BAT and it simply worked!
    I could watch the replication process succeding...
Cute ;-)


Chris Toohey said...


Not being an admin though, I wonder if there are any issues/concerns with doing it this way?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I had a similaar problem but a different solution - both have nerit I think