iPhone SnappFiles vs Quickr connector

I have a Quickr server, this version:
IBM LOTUS QUICKR VERSION: 820001.004 | Built On Domino: Build V85_12052008
IBM LOTUS QUICKR VERSION: 820001.004 | Release: 8,2,0,1 | Build: QRD8.2.0.1-004b

There's one Quickr Area where my user is the owner, hence I can enter it via browser.

When I try to add that Area to my Quickr connector (version, using the right credentials (Quickr fqdn, username and password), I cannot add the Area, it does not even appear after my successful  login (no errors messages...).

BUT if I use SnappFiles,  the free iPhone app to browse Quickr servers, I can login to my Quickr Area and have access to all inside files (using both iPhone wi-fi and 3G connection)

Ok, time to turn on any Quickr debug settins :-(

Anyhow, Julian, well done.


Rob Novak said...

Hi Cristian, cool thanks for the note to Julian! I woudl suggest upgrade, that fixpack 1 is very old, 8.2 is on FP10. The connectors use Web Services API and SnappFiles REST API so that explains the different behavior.

PandaBear probably works too :-)

Anonymous said...

Now a questions : What is the best mode to develop a client that must read and write documents on quickr ... the Services API or the REST API ? There is a best solution ?