How move your DAOS repository to another directory? (updated)

From the Domino Administrator docs' "Managing the attachment storage repository" :

To move or restore the DAOS repository

  1. From the Domino Administrator, click the Configuration tab and then expand the Server section.
  2. Select the Server document to be edited and then click Edit Server.
  3. Click the DAOS tab.
  4. In the "DAOS base path" field, specify the new location for the directory. Save the Server document.
  5. Stop the Domino server.
  6. Do one of the following:
    • To move the DAOS repository directory, create the new directory in the new location, and use your operating system to copy the entire contents of the existing notesdatadirectory /DAOS directory to it.
    • To restore the DAOS repository directory, from your backup file, copy the backed-up contents of the notesdatadirectory /DAOS directory to the new file location.
  7. Restart the Domino server. 

I just found out that you HAVE to restart the SERVER (hw or virtual): 
restarting  just the Lotus Domino service IS NOT enough! 
After that, all will be fixed, no need to delete the daos.cfg (at least on Windows OS...) or manually update the notes.ini.

To get the above solution, I issued a "tell daosmgr status" and found out that:

14/01/2011 15.37.46   basePath = E:\Lotus\DAOS       NEW PATH SET...
14/01/2011 15.37.46   baseStoragePath = d:\lotus\DAOS       OLD PATH STILL REFERENCED!
14/01/2011 15.37.46   storagePath = d:\lotus\DAOS\0004\

Then I googled for  "baseStoragePath" and found a great post by Paul Ferris: Moving DAOS Folder

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Unknown said...

can this be easily copied over if you are moving your domino server from an iSeries to a Windows server? Just FTP the DAOS directory?