Your Notes HTTP password changed? iPhone Traveler users...

..., don't forget to change also your Traveler mail profile password  inside your iPhone (or iPad) device:
I forgot to do it and of couse I had troubles with mail sync... ;-)

Luckily I remembred that I recently changed the HTTP password, so also I updated it on my Traveler mail  profile too, and all is working now.
For the records,  I also had to reset my device (Traveler web page or Domino console command) because my Traveler state was "unknow".

After I solved the problem I also found the info on the IBM docs.

Manually changing the password on the iPhone device too is really annoying, not really an "enterprise" way.
Or am I missing something?!

I can see blackberry / BES people laughing... ;-)

BTW, I still have a Lotus Traveler version .

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