FileSendr 1.1.0: working with Chrome and Firefox, not working with IE8...

I had some issues with FileSendr using big files on all major browsers, even correctly setting HTTP post and request sizes, XPages extlib, on my Domino 8.5.2 FP1, as described by the app author.

Finally I got it to work with Firefox 3.6.x and Chrome browsers.

At the beginning I change some  Domino dojo 1.4.3 directory Uploader files, with bad results.

Since the problem seems related with the dojo Uploader component, I made a brand-new Domino dojo 1.5.0 directory, as described by the app author in the docs:

After that change, FileSendr is working correctly on FF and Chrome, but still not IE8...

From the openNTF forum it seems that also other people are having my very same issue... but still no solution found.

UPDATE 7th March.
I setup my Domino server with the following settings:
server doc -> HTTP Protocol Limits -> Maximum size of request content: 0  (unlimited KB)
web site doc -> Post data -> Maximum POST data (in kilobytes): 0 (unlimited)
Moreover, sometimes I experience that, somehow, the file upload progress bar is not trustworthy.

UPDATE 11th March.
I decided to install the very-first version of  FileSendr - Release: V0.01, NOT based on Dojo 1.5:
too many issues with FileUploader 1.5 and IE 8...

I guess the openNTF Discussions and Defects views need to be fixed:
the creation date column is not properly sorting  the main posts.

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