Backup for a Domino server? Disappointed with Symantec BE 2010....

Having some really nasty issues with Backup Exec 2010 remote agent for Domino 8.5.2 64 bit, DAOS enabled, Windows 2008 R2 (64 bit)... Officially supported.

Not working when trying to backup DAOS-enabled mailboxes!

After a while (it seems is collecting the test .nsf file first) I get the error
0xe000fe09 - The directory is invalid

I suspect it is a matter of DAOS dir directory, but I'm not sure...

Problem is I contacted the Symantec Support and I had several session with different people, for many weeks, investigating several areas, escalating the ticket higher and higher.

I talked with different support guys, very polite people indeed, but they could not find a solution.

Usually they query the knowledge base, but they have little o no experience with Lotus Domino servers.
I expected to meet some really expert guy, both BE 2010 AND Lotus Domino+DAOS metter.

After many weeks I obtained to talk with another engineer, Symantec guy called it backline engineer if I'm not wrong.... (!?).

I cannot count how many tests I did in behalf  of Symantec usually in conference call:
  • several sessions to get low-level logs, both Domino side and BE 2010 server (enabled special registry keys)
  • uninstalling/deleting  Notes client from the server (not a good practise anyhow)
  • setting the PATH env variable
  • walking inside the Windows registry
  • running a tool called Dependency Walker on a specific BE executable file
  • running daosmg sync command, even if all was already synched
  • restaring just the Domino service several times
  • restarting several times the Windows server hosting Domino
  • pinging Domino host from several hosts
  • exploring Domino notes.ini
  • ...
 I wonder if you have a better feedback with BE 2010 remote agent for Lotus Domino, especially 64 bit on a Windows 64 bit release.

Please report.

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