Traveler Can't create Java VM ?

If you find out that your Lotus Notes Traveler task is not starting and you get an error message like

Traveler::AddInMain: Can't create Java VM

on the Domino consolle, you can start finding the cause from the following IBM Technote:

Actually in my specific case the problem was about my server little memory, as suggested in a previous forum post by Corey Quinn.

In the Domino server notes.ini I added the following parameter  
NTS_Java_Parms=-Xms96m -Xmx128m 
to limit the max memory for the Java VM: the Traveler is back to life.

My Traveler is not the latest version available from IBM, so I'm not sure if it is a memory leak of the sw or it's just time to replace ther server itself ;-) 

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