Thoughts about Symantec and Backup Exec 2010 with DAOS-enabled Domino server

Somebody will remember my previous post about issues with BE 2010 agent for Domino on a DAOS-enabled Domino server...
It seems I'm not alone complaining about Symantec technical support, opening tickets for a long time (mid Feb in my case), or trying to close them without a solution.

In my specific case, after months collecting logs and receiving several phone calls from Symantec, I reached the last level of Symatec support: after some attempts, they found out a "solution" for the backing-up DAOS-enabled databases:
 move the DAOS base directory INSIDE the Domino DATA directory, usually not recommended  (even though that's the default setting, which is "DAOS"  dir inside the Domino DATA dir).

Actually I like engineers from the Symantec Support, very kind people, but some of them don't have a clue about what a Lotus Domino server is (they are just logs collectors), whilst others don't know WHY my DAOS base dir cannot be outside the DATA dir (they said that the sw agent just relies on Domino API for DAOS) ....

Anyhow, now the backup is running: I will monitor the Domino server to see IF it will face any performance issues.

BTW, what is your solution for a Backup agent for Domino, DAOS-compatible, that you are happy with it?

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