Back to Ireland, on-the-road!

I and my friend Vincenzo have decided to go back to Ireland, after our visit to Dublin for the ILUG 2007 meeting!
Many thanks to Paul Mooney (Italian Alfa Romeo cars supporter) and Eileen Fitzgerald for organizing such a successful event (and all other folks involved) !

Our experience in Dublin was great, and the Shamrock (above left image) brought luck to me.

The things I like most: (in no particular order)
- polite Irish people enjoying life, music and dancing;
- wonderful green landscapes;
- good Guinness beer and Jameson whiskey
- fair soccer supporters. We saw Milan - Liverpool final match (Champions League) in a pub: why do most Dubliners were supporters of Liverpool ? ;-)

To save money, we will travel with Ryanair Irish airline company (13th of August) :
from Forlì (Bologna) to London Stansted airport, then to Dublin.
Then we will rent a car (Hertz company) and for eight days we will discover the beatiful Ireland, sleeping in bed&breakfast accomodations!

Of course we'll read some tourist guide before our tour, but I beg travellers (also Irish readers) to comment this post suggesting " your top 5 must-see" places in Ireland.

Slainte ! (pronounced SLON-cia) ! Slàinte Mhath = good health


Michele Malaguti said...

vengo anch'io!!

Anonymous said...

There is so much to see...

Get to belfast for a day
Get to Galway for a day or two
Fly out to the aran islands
Get to Cork for a day
Get to as many pubs as you can!

If you need specifics, or have questions, drop me a line

Anonymous said...

Excellent! Lots to see, true. Depending on what you're looking for, I'd give completely different recommendations.

Here are some general suggestions:
Cashel (The Rock of Cashel)
Cahir Castle
The Cliffs of Moher (yes, big tourist trap, but very impressive)
The Giants Causeway

Unknown said...

@ Michele:
sei il benvenuto, ma chi lo dice a tua moglie? ;-)

Unknown said...

@ Paul and Rob:
Thank you very much for your suggestions.

Anonymous said...

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