Is it a nice R8 stylized logo?

With the help of a friend (Giorgio Toni, wizard of Photoshop), we have designed a logo for this blog.

The challange was to take advantage of the images hosted by Alan Lepofsky (nice ones but too little) to develop a custom logo in a R8 fashion, not just for the web but also for other promo uses.

What is you opinion about our work?

DominoBaloney 1 (serious version)

DominoBaloney 2 (playful version)

Notes/Domino R8 (the original one)

Read the etymology of this blog's name written in this previous post.

Baloney => Bologna => mortadella sausage => piggy

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Cristian!

I love it!

I think we're going to see quite a few similar reworks of the new logo ;-)

Here are mine for Kevin's SuperNTF template.