My Irish vacation just ended

What a journey ! I'm bodily tired but happy for the tour.

We visited several places in midland and southern Ireland, with my friends Vincenzo and Mirco.

Here is a very brief summery of our journey.

See you back in September, I'm going to Abruzzo region (Italy) to visit my relatives and have a rest for my previous journey ;-)

The main places we visited in Ireland:
  • Dublin (Guinness Housestore, Jameson whiskey distillery, etc)
  • Kilkenny
  • Rock of Cashel
  • Caher castle
  • Clifden
  • Galway
  • cliffs of Moher
  • Connemare national park
  • Inishmore, Aran Islands (no ferry boat, flying with a small plane!)
  • Portmagee and Valentia island
  • Clonmacnois site
  • Waterville beach
  • Locke's distillery, Kilbeggan

My personal top 5 must-see:
  • warm and welcoming Irish people
  • Inishmore, Aran Islands
  • traditional Irish music concert (harps, violins, accordions, etc) and singing
  • Rock od Cashel
  • Locke's distillery, Kilbeggan

The things I did NOT liked:
  • Delays with Rayan Air flights and missed connection:
    Rayan Air does not care about missed connections, and I am talking about flights by the same airline!

  • war atmosphere in London Stansted airport:
    several armed policemen looking around for terrorists, several annoying perquisitions

  • my last day Irish breakfast! I was full and fed up... ;-)

Some advices for travellers:
  • rent a car (e.g. Hertz company) and add a fee for a second driver assurance + pay assurance for any damage you may face (they call it CWD, named "casco" in Italy)
  • if you need to bookmark B&B accomodations, visit any Irish tourist information office to have assistance: they make phone calls, after looking into a computer database (the booking is 4 UERO and are paid by the B&B host)

  • in western Ireland roads are a little bit narrow, but speed limits are unexpectedly high:
    a road limited to 100 Km/h in western Ireland would be limited to 50 Km/h in Italy.
    Last but not least, drive on the left side of the road and turn around roundabouts in clockwise way: sometimes you could forget ;-)

Here is a small selection of pictures I've taken:

Tour Irlanda 2007


Giuseppe said...

welcome back! where's the photo with the logo t-shirt?

Unknown said...

Thanks Giuseppe!
We shot hundreds of pictures, I have to check it ;-)

It was cold, rainy and windy (my first "ferragosto" with a sweatshirt) so I wonder if I had the chance to wear my t-shirt, don't remember.

Anyway, it's time to print a DominoBaloney sweatshirt ("felpa"), to be used next months and DominoPoint Day too ;-)

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great trip. You squeezed in a lot of sites (and sights!), and got to some of my favorite places. Cashel is really fantastic. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

Oh, and I completely agree about the Irish drivers, especially in the West. Every time we go for a visit, we have to get used to the fact that driving is more of an adventure than we're used to!