Still living in the past

I would like to share a thought with you...

Some days ago I was working for a a customer, with other two programmers:
one guy is very skilled in SQL, a woman is a beginner in SQL, I was "in the midle" ...

We were talking about developing a specific SQL query.

Here follows a brief transcription:

ME: "I believe to remember that it does exist a SQL instruction that permits to decide a value in a resultset column, as I would do using IF column/expression THEN ... ELSE ...

THE BEGINNER: "is it possible? I didn't kown it!"

THE EXPERT: "Sure! it's the "CASE" instruction... I used it in the past. I wrote it in my personal technical notes, together with other SQL gems..."

THE BEGINNER: "May I take a look to your notes? I thinks they would be very useful for me to study some advanced SQL subjects"

THE EXPERT:"I'm sorry, I can't... Those are notes that I edited with special care, I wrote them during the past years. But ask me about SQL, whenever you need help..."


We are living in the Internet and sharing age, the web 2.0 , but there are still "islands of power and knowledge": even notes on SQL are so "secret"...

Ironically, the "expert" very often use open-source and freeware libraries for his programming work.

Please, don't forget the great lesson we received by some people like
R. Stallman, Linus Torvalds and other volunteers who worked hard and shared their info with us.



Martin Humpolec said...

Wow, it was quite ridiculous, I bet he isn't that big expert,

Anonymous said...

whenever I talk about Connections I spend much more time about Collaboration and Web 2.0 "philosophy" than I do talking about technology. Your post makes me believe I am correct. Sadly the one you met is not the only one example of a bad habit; it is much more common than you may think.

Unknown said...

It was really ridiculous, problem is that it was REAL.

I got a little bit nervous, but then I realized that he needs to see "good examples" to change his mind, even though he's grown-up and maybe it's too late ;-)

I agree with you.

I really don't trust those people who think that they are smarter than others, just thinking to steal knowledge from others and never giving back something.

I have some questions in my mind:

- do they simply want to take advantage from others to get more power or money?

- is it just a matter of childishness? "Mommy, that's my Teddy Bear and I don't want to share it with other children..."

- is it simply a poor disposition?

I hope technology will help those people to realize that things need to change.

I remember my American friend Gil saying to his little son: "Julian, please, you have to share your toy with other children...". I bet Julian will be generous, life is not a jungle, I hope ;-)

Iarin Fabbri said...

Only a letter.... "L" like LOSER!