A t-shirt for my vacation!

On vacation, at last!
Ho want to relax and have fun.

Tomorrow evening we will leave ( me, Vincenzo and Mirko) from Forlì airport to land to London Stansted, and then we'll take another flight to Dublin (blissful low-cost flights...) :
from there we'll rent a car, going south and doing a clockwise island tour.

In previous relaxing days I had time to design something funny: I ordered a custom t-shirt with this blog logo, made by Giorgio, thar I will wear during my Irish tour (if there is nice weather) ;-)





Previously I had no experience doing such "creative" stuff, so for me it was really interesting printing a custom th-sirt (no wandering about shops in hot Bologna).

After a quick Google reasearch, I found this Italian company:

eshirt.it (www.eshirt.it)
In small words, that company will let you design your own t-shirt, simply using a web browser (user interface is available in Italian, English, French and Spanish).

You can:
  • choose a specific t-shirt type (model, colors, size, etc.)
  • upload the image tro print
  • write a text string
  • freely position graphics and text on the fabric, with zoom option
  • send an e-mail with a link to the project you're developing
  • ask them to send your brand-new item, paying 2 EUR for shipment (you also have to add the t-shirt cost).
The software I used, via web, is simple and effective, developed using DHTML techniques, taking advantage of drag-and-drop feature to position elements on the fabric.

After two days I received the t-shirt and I like the work the company made. Congratulations!

(note: this post is not a paid commercial)

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Alan Lepofsky said...

I look forward to see it in Orlando at Lotusphere!