Amarcord [EN]

Some pictures strike us more than others, not because they are technically perfect, but just because they reawaken hidden emotions in our mind, apparently bleared from the passing time.

After my vacation in Ireland (I shot hundreds of pictures), I went to visit my relatives in Abruzzo region, Italy.

One evening I went to visit my aunt Maria (Mary): she gave me a very nice and unexpected gift, that is the following picture:

The above picture was found by my aunt during a photographic exhibition about my childhood town , among hundres of other pictures.

The old madam you see in the picture is my paternal grandmother Giuseppina (Josephine): she died some years ago.
She didn't know that an amateurish photographer was taking a picture while she was going to work in fields with her donkey and her goat!

I still remember her hard sacrifices working in fields, the love for me, and her distance and mistrust about technology. Ciao nonna.

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