All crazy for a BlackBerry device (plus a Sametime mobile question) [EN]

I will enter the wonderful world of Blackberry devices (BB), for now I am a rookie ;-)

Should I be thrilled about it? I guess so, because everyone talks about BB, everyone would like to have one and send/receive e-mail from anywhere in the world, at any time!

Is that good for the people?
I don't know, I don't have any device, but I suspect that our attention will get worse in the future, alway interrupted by electronic devices... :-(

I just borrowed one BB 8700 for only a couple of hours and I got used to the device very quickly, only working with e-mail.

But I have some straight questions:
  • is BB the only device in the market that has push e-mail technology?
  • is it true that e-mail attachments are not displayed well on the BB device, even de-facto standard documents like Word and Excel?
  • do we have to pay for extra software like RepliGO to get readable Office docs or other attachment type?
A friend told me that BB will die in the future.
In his opinion BB success depends by the "cheap" flat connectivity rates that customer pay when using BB devices: do you agree?

One technical question about BlackBerry and Sametime Mobile client (7.5.1)
I installed Sametime Mobile client on a BB 8700 device linked to TIM Italian phone nertwork, but I have not installed a BES server in my company.
I tried to connect the Sametime Mobile client to the Sametime server (I filled-in hostname, user/password, 8082 port, direct connection type), but the client could not reach the server.

Two guys from the TIM Helpdesk told me that BB devices connect first to an APN server (Access Point Node):
the standard APN server is blackberry.net, and another one is hosted by TIM is ibox.tim.it ; those APN servers do not permit to connect to "non standard" Internet port like 8082...
Is that true?

Should I change my Sametime server configuration to implement tunnelling communication over port 80? Will my Sametime Mobile client (hosted by BB) be able to connecto to ST server? (NO BES in my company!)


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