Poll results on BlackBerry devices

Yet another poll closed, prepared and developed with "scientific and objectives" standard ;-)

Can we give an interpretation of the poll results on BlackBerry devices? It's not easy...

Nowadays a BB device is sold like hot cakes:
some managers ask for it, other managers have simply found it on their workdesk.

Sooner or later I will receive one BB 8800 device, we asked Vodafone carrier but they told us to wait at least some weeks... :-(

I had the opportunity to use one BB 8700 (TIM telecom carrier) for just one day, and my first impressions are:
  • after half an hour I get used to the device, especially to the side wheel and side button (keyboard is not friendly for me...)
  • the device software was friendly and intuitive
  • the web browser was simple and effective
  • the screen is very nice
  • the connectivity was reliable, using the EDGE network

A mistery

I had/have some troubles with the Sametime Mobile client I installed on the device (I have no BES server in my company, I just had the BB device...).

I could not connect it to my public Sametime Server, although my firewall specific ports are open, in fact my "standard" Sametime Connect client connects very well (using port 8082).

I called TIM help-desk (119) and they answered that the BlackBerry APN (access point node) was closed for port 8082; then I asked a friend of mine who works for RIM company (BB) and he told me that the problem was with the carrier APN (TIM) ports...

Later I opened a ticket asking the IBM help-desk about a Sametime Mobile configuration: I'm waiting for an answer (the ticket was transfered to an English-speaking language country).

Do you have any hint or tip to let connect my BB device to a public Sametime Server, using port 8082 ? (don't have Sametime tunneling)

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