That handy little known tool for Notes mail...

There are people who love mail folders and people who hate them.

Nowadays using folders is the "old" way to organize e-mail messages: put this memo here, that one there, and so on. Right, as in real life...

I'm so lazy that my (Notes) Inbox is full of messages (as my Windows desktop), I think that one day I will manage that messy Inbox, one day, maybe tomorrow... ;-)

On the other hand, I like Gmail web application and the its easy use of multiple tags to catalog any memo... and of course I like Gmail fast search feature that lets me find any message in a very short period of time.

I'm trying to love Notes mail folders, and I must say that one handy tool is helping me a lot: its name is SwiftFile ! (SwiftFile 4.0 for IBM Lotus Notes 8.0 , C1436EN)

In my opinion, SwiftFile is a great utility for managing mail folders, although it is a not well-known utility among Notes users, many people don't even know it exists.

You can download SwiftFile from the IBM Passport Advantage site, or you can find it in the Lotus Notes cd-rom, under a directory for optional software.

Anyway, SwiftFile is very handy because it "learns" how to manage you Inbox messages and then, for any open memo, it suggests which folders are likely to be chosen by the user, just showing folders name on top of the memo. Then the user make just one click on a folder name to move the memo inside that folder! Easy and fast!

In the previous R8 beta forum I suggested to "embedd" the SwiftFile utility inside Notes itself, enabling/disabling it from the Preferences page, but no way, IBM decided to release SwiftFile the old way...

See my post here:
SwiftFile functionality embedded in Notes 8?

I agree with another Notes user in the forum who wrote:
"Once users see it in action they want it installed asap. It would be nice to have it part of the client"

What do you think about embedding SwiftFile inside Lotus Notes R8?
Is it too late for R 8.0.1 release?

SwiftFile for Notes
See also Alan Lepofsky blog for some interesting Notes tools and tips&tricks.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, a nice tool!

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Unknown said...

Giuseppe, grazie per la segnalazione sul sito del mitico Ed Brill!

Anonymous said...

Cristian, complimenti a te, io non ho segnalato nulla, Ed Brill ti ha trovato da solo.

giorgetto said...

Grande idea, sinceramente è una delle poche cose di cui senti la mancanza quando non usi la gmail. Complimenti!

Unknown said...

Any way you could post a link that does not use the Notes 4 interface??? It's like going to the Lotus Notes Sucks web site. Livin' in the past man.....

Unknown said...

what do you mean by "Notes 4 interface"? This site is a blogger.com blog.

If you mean the link that was written on the second comment to my post, then here it is: link

I found that blogger.com "hide" the full url when the commentator just write the url as text (instead you should use A html tag, not so handy!)

I will investigate the reason for that bug, but it's not related to Notes ;-)