Tiny poll on Notes R8 [EN]

I like statistics, interviews, polls, numbers and so on, in my opinion it's a new modern oracle ;-)

Moreover, there's an interesting channel about polls on my Wii console , with very funny questions: each user choose one answer from only two choices (eg. "Area zebra colored white with black stripes, or are they simply black with white stripes?").
After the end of the poll Ninentendo gives back the results, in a funny way.

Here are the interesting results of my little survey on R8 Notes, hosted on DominoBaloney blog:

I feel confident about the result, even though just nine people participated to the survey ;-)

I read somewhere that Isac Asimov wrote a story about sophisticated polls held in the future:
only one person was admitted to vote, because statistically he was the "everage man" that would be the expression of people will.

Do you know the name of that short story?


Anonymous said...

it may be "Franchise": http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Franchise_(short_story)

Unknown said...

Thanks for you hint Giuseppe,
I guess you're right .