Twins baby girls fighting for life: for a good omen [EN]

Note: this post is personal, if you are not interested, please skip it.

On thursday 27th September, my syster Daniela gave birth to two twins baby girls, Anna and Matilde!

Problem is they were born unexpectedly, at the 24th week of pregnancy (normality is 42 weeks and some weeks less for twins pregnancy cases) and their weight is only around 600 grams (1,323 pounds) !

We, the parents and all relatives, are all scared, because there the future is full of uncertainties for the babies:
  • will they both survive?
  • will they get any infections?
  • will there be any consequences for their body/mind?
  • what about my sister Daniela and her husband Marco about the whole experience?
I'm worried for all this, believe me.

Thanks to God, my sister and her husband were far from home but located near a very good neonatal hospital in Rimini (Italy), so they could be helped very soon...

Doctors say that it's not easy to know how things will evolve:
luckily in the past some babies survived even when their weight was only 400 gram (0,882 pounds), but it was nearly a miracle (wonderful science, or God according to your beliefs).

Please, have a nice thought/pray for my baby girls, the deserve to continue living.


My family is christian catholic, as the majority of Italians.
In hospital I met a man of muslim religion and we talk about this story. He was very sad and told me he would pray for both my nephews, Anna and Matilde, during the ramadan: that was really moving.




Biassanott said...

non so se c'è un dio caro amico, ma se esiste riceverà la mia preghiera per le due creaturine...


Michele Malaguti said...

Speriamo bene Cristian!
Non mancherò di dedicare una preghiera per le tue nipotine e per Daniela.

[m]m said...

ci uniamo anche noi alla tua speranza.
(poi, mica devi scusarti per un post personale...)

Gian Claudio said...

Dio vi benedica.
Non credo serva altro.
Un abbraccio

Gian Claudio