What does NSFDB2 have in COMMON with IBM? ;-)

Rob Ingram, Lead Domino product manager, wrote a post in the DominoBlog blog about a webcast that will be held on November 14th about Domino and System i ( previously named AS/400): see the article "Nov 14 webcast on Domino and System i"

I took the chance to ask Rob about the missing NSFDB2 feature for Domino R8 on System i (once again), asking about any good news for a free licensing of "federation feature" on the DB2 server release 9.x , the one used by Domino for the NSFDB2 feature.

Technically speaking, we can take advantage from DB2 Server Federation feature (Windows/Linux) to access real-time data on a remote Sistem i: Domino would read/write data to the "underlying" DB2, but in fact some relational data can be read/written to the remote System i , but Domino server (Windows/Linux) is not aware about it... ;-)

That could be considered a workaround to the fact that Domino on System i is missing the NSFDB2 feature.

Here is the answer from Rob on the blog comments:

"I did exchange mail with the DB2 team. Apprarently you need to licence DB2 Connect for this federation capability. There appear to be several variants of this product and I'm not expert enough on DB2 products to know which exactly to recommend. Best if you gets a DB2 specialist to help.
Bill Hume will cover our Domino roadmap for iSeries on the webcast and take questions on DB2 and other topics on the webcast."

For my part, I'm asking some nice people from IBM to get a affordable/cheap "special" DB2 Server license to take advantage of federation.

Of course my customer is not happy to pay for a full-blown DB2 server with federation, he claims that he wants to use DB2 federation just like a pass-through access to data on System i ONLY: if he could, my customer would use native NSFDB2 on Domino for Sistem i, but you know the old story...

After my comment to Rob's post, another guy named Roland Reddekop wrote some further interesting posts.

Here is what I learned:
  • COMMON and COMMON EUROPE are two large users groups devoted to System i systems, etc. , with Innovation awards and meetings around the world (I didn't know, even some friend skilled for System i)
  • COMMON organizations take surveys from members to ask anything concerning their beloved systems, so that IBM can hear feedback from their customers
  • there is a specific survey about NSFDB2 missing feature related to Domino for System i: please, fill-in the very small form to tell your opinion!

Roland also wrote a post pointing to an article on the "System i Network" website:
"BM to Discuss Domino for i5/OS in COMMON Webcast"

I suggest you to read the all article, it's really interesting.

In my opinion, the article contains two important sentences:

"COMMON and COMMON Europe surveyed their memberships and found that 41 percent of COMMON members in North America use Domino systems on i5/OS servers while 58 percent of COMMON Europe members do the same. The vast majority also noted that IBM's NSFDB2 for i5/OS decision would affect their businesses."

and also:

"Assuming NSFDB2 support is not made available, COMMON reported earlier this summer that 28 percent of its member organizations may have to move their Domino servers to a different operating system, and 25 percent said that planned development projects would be delayed. Another 17 percent said they expected that they would be forced to abandon the Domino platform altogether."

That's the story so far. What's your opinion?

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