NSFDB2 & Domino for System i: Roland reports

On November 14th COMMON organization held a free webminar about
"IBM/Lotus Domino and Collaborative Capabilities for System i".

Bill Hume, Director of Development for Lotus Domino, presented a roadmap about the future development of Domino on System i.

Unfortunately I could not attend that event, I would certainly ask some questions:
  • any future NSFDB2 release for Domino on System i?
  • in the meantime, any "free" licence entitlement from IBM to let customers use the powerful Homogenous Federation to access remote data tables on System i from the DB2 server setup in a Windows/Linux NSFDB2-enabled Domino server?

Roland Reddekop, from Canada, is also very interested in NSFDB2 on Domino for System i or in any workaround to take advantage of NSFDB2 and collect data from System i server.

Roland participated to the webminar and asked some questions about that subject, writing a really interesting comment on the whole subject.

You can read his remarks on DominoBlog blog (comment #6) or just read the following transcription:
It was pretty clear from the Nov 14th webcast that IBM has no second thoughts (or even third or fourth thoughts) about revisiting the NSFDB2 on System i. Two messages were clear:

(a) IBM is committed to both System i and Domino on it -I truly believe that.

(b) implementing NSFDB2 on System i would be really really hard. I get the sense that they tried, then realized it would take too much money to get it right and so if you can't do it right, then don't do it. I appreciate that actually... having standards. No sense in having a buggy and error-ridden implementation. We have enough variables to deal it.

Yet what was not answered were practical suggestions on how to workaround this such as the viability of using Domino on an NSFDB2-supported server and then using "federation" along with DB2 Connect to get to the System i database. AND, can we do it without the expenditure of a lot of extra cash? After all Windows, Linux, and AIX shops get DB2 integration for free. How about a special entitlement for System i shops to get this equivalent NSFDB2 functionality? Would this not be a reasonable compromise and sure sign that IBM is truly supporting Domino and System i integration?

Wait, before I am reminded, I know, I know that Rob Ingram is on record saying he's looking into this and to be patient because this sort of thing takes months. However, that webcast would have been a good opportunity for some one high up on the totem pole to say something like, "We completely understand that System i shops were expecting further integration between Domino and System i data and be assured that we are looking into some promising options, perhaps in the form of entitlements...please be patient until Lotusphere" or something like that.

I should work for IBM's customer relations dept :-)
11/16/2007 7:33:25 PM

Good job Roland, I hope your comment will not be forgotten! ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing attention to this issue. I have been invited by IBM to participate in a conference call...no date yet due to American holidays. Hopefully there will be a number of customers involved.