NSFDB2 on other (not DB2) relational datastore?

I like to participate to IdeaJam polls, it gives to me some feeback about the mood and opinions of the IBM/Notes Community about some technical issues.

Let's take the discussion about NSFDB2:
Would it be nice to have the option to store NSF data in a relational database other than IBM DB2? see "store NSF in more relational databases, not only DB2"

My answer is: Yes, I would like to have that option.

From my point of view, the more relational DBMS NSFDB2 will support, the better for me as Business Partner to promote Domino and NSFDB2.

In fact some customers asked be about NSFDB2 on MS SQL server, another one on Oracle. Usually customers don't want to manage more than one DBMS, they think it's a mess.

Why does IBM only supports DB2 on Windows/Linux (etc.) ?

I guess it's not technically easy to implement NSFDB2 on any other relatational DBMS, as it may seems at first sight: it's not as easy as just doing a bunch of "standard" SQL statements to interface NSF layer and the relation datastore! Not even SQL itself is standard.

In fact NSDB2 on Domino for System i (aka AS/400) does NOT exist anymore (only managed beta on Domino R7.0.x).
A DB2 expert told me that DB2 9.5 on Windows/Linux is more powerful than DB2/400 on System i (features like XML datastore, row compression, etc):
ok, soon or later DB2/400 on System i will reach the same power of its Windows/Linux counterparts, but not now...

Moreover, will NSFDB2 technology be so successful to justify a really big money investment in R&D on other DBMS? I guess IBM want only to focus on DB2.

And later, I agree with Boccadoro post that explains it's difficult to garantee performances and back compatibility when the DBMS is developed by other companies.

Never forget, NSFDB2 is related to exposing not-structured data (NSF) in a structured form (SQL), it's not as easy as making the following equality :
1 Notes document (note) = 1 SQL table row ! ;-)

I'm pretty sure IBM can use any data store to save NSF in a relation way, but I think it's technically too risky and too expensive to do that...
I can understand that, but wishes as wishes ;-)


Unknown said...

wishes are wishes, but one should not spend too much time wishing, rather use what is available :-)
As I already commented directly in IdeaJam it is not going to happen anytime soon the support for other RDBMS, so anyone that is convinced of the utility of NSFDB2 has better start working with it as it is, and use creativity to find workarounds for what is not available. I suggested a very simple one in my post, and you found a brilliant way to use NSFDB2 with iSeries. Yours is the right attitude !
Save the wishes for Christmas :-) maybe those will be satisfied

Unknown said...

You are right ;-)

I will save my wishes for Anna & Matilde, my nieces... (things are getting better).

Merry Christmas Roberto!