Sametime Mobile client issues on my Blackberry 8310 Curve

I finally received a nice RIM Blackberry 8310, Curve (BB for short).
I'm getting used to the tiny keyboard, and I like the user interface, intuitive and simple.

I've also downloaded and installed some third-party software:
  • Gmail mobile client
  • Facebook
  • Yahoo chat
  • Google chat
The installation and configuration was fast and easy: I successfully use all that software in my BB phone.

Then I decided to install IBM Sametime 7.5.1 Mobile client phone (BlackBerry version) trying to connect it to my public Sametime Server. Previously I had checked I could connect to the Sametime server using the "classic" Sametime Connect client.

I do not have yet a Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) installed in the company I work for, but I just wanted to connect to my public Sametime server via Vodafone Italy.

I made the following steps:
  • using the BB web browser I downloaded the BB Mobile client sw package on my phone
  • I installed it and setup the connection info for direct Internet connection to my BB server
My BB Mobile could not connect!

I asked for help to some companies involved in my problem:

Vodafone Italy
They replied that my software (Sametime Mobile client) could not connect to my server (Sametime) because, maybe, it tried to connect using BlackBerry APN (Access Point name). They suggested to try setting up my BB phone using the Vodafone APN ("but beware that doing so it you will cost you extra-money...").

RIM Company
They said to make a test connecting the Mobile client over "standard" port 80.
I had to enable port tunneling on the Sametime server: once again the Sametime Connect client could connect using port 80, but the Mobile client on BlackBerry could not! The RIM support told me there are two Sametime client: one provided by IBM (Mobile) and another that you can download from a BES server: really?

IBM Support
After some days IBM Support wrote I could not use a Sametime Mobile client on a BB device to connect directly to a public Sametime server: I needed a a BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES). "A Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) is required to provision the Sametime
Mobile client with this information"

The long story short
I could easily connect my BlackBerry device to chat services like Yahoo and Google, just downloading and configuring programs specially developed for my device.

On the contrary, I tried hard, but I could not connect my Sametime Mobile client to my public Sametime server, even enabling port tunnelling on the Sametime server.

I feel disappointed.
I really wanted to connect to my company Sametime server from the Internet, especially when I will be working away from the company.

I will wait the installation of the BES Server in my company.

Previously I successfully installed a Sametime Mobile Client on my QTEK phone using Windows CE: the client could connect directly to my Sametime Server.


Anonymous said...

We confirm that there are two clients sametime for the platform BB, one issued by RIM and operates BES environments, the other issued by IBM (I prefer that RIM, more stable).

Without BES server in my opinion are unable to do anything.

Note that there is a possibility to use the BES EXPRESS that did not cost you can download from RIM, functionally has no limits makes the same

Unknown said...

Vito, thanks for your reply.

Anonymous said...

There isn't any IM client like Pidgin (http://www.pidgin.im), which is perfect with Lotus ST, but for mobile devices???

Anonymous said...

Sametime Mobile 8.0 now lets you connect without a BES directly over the carrier network. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

--Mike (Lotus Development)

Anonymous said...

I tried to connect my BB 8300 to Sametime 8.0.1 with no luck either (ST Mobile 8.0.1). I have BIS, so I set up direct connection in the BB.
Bet IBM did the testing using BES.

Unknown said...

Hi Anonymous,
I've not done any test after we installed BES in my company... ;-)

Anyway, have you tried your tests with BIS connecting to your Sametime server using port 80 (tunneling)?

Of course Sametime should be be setup to answer to port 80 too, besides other Sametime ports.

See this IBM Technote

Let me know if it will work!

Anonymous said...

I've done the following tests:
1) Sametime 8.0.1 , http tunneling
2) Firewall open (ports 1533, 8082, 8088 and 80)
3) No BES Server in my Domino Domain
3) 1st User: BB 8300 BIS - unable to sign to SAmetime Mobile, we tried direct connection using ports 80,8082 and 1533
4) 2nd User: BB 8300 BES - the BES server is in another Domino Domain. The user access my http://fqhn/mobile and downloaded ST Mobile 8.0.1, he was able to access my server using either port 80 or 1533 (unable to access using port 8082).

The BB 8300 that was able to sign to my server had the BES plan contracted with the Cell Company. The 1st user had a BIS plan contracted with the carrier.

Is the Cell carrier blocking it ?

The Cell Carrier charges les for a BIS data plan (35USD BIS vs 48 USD per month for BES)