Sync troubles between my BlackBerry device and my Lotus Notes R8 client

My BlackBerry 8310 Curve device had problems with RIM "Desktop Manager" software, executing IntelliSync module that takes care about data sync with my Notes R8 client.

Problem was I could not sync contacts/calendar entries from my Lotus Notes installation: the log file just contained an error message with code # 4238.

My Notes "Home" location settings just pointed to server "Local" and to mailbox file "mail\mymailbox.nsf", as usual...

After a quick search I found the following RIM Support document Doc ID: KB01870
"Internal Error 4238 Transaction Cancelled"

As suggested by the doc, I just changed my location settings specifying my mailbox file location as "c:\lotus\notes\data\mail\mymailbox.nsf".

It works, finally.

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Unknown said...

I would not bother using the desktop software to sync your contacts - just let the BES server do it.

Remember, your contacts are taken (by default on the BES server) from your mailfile, so just keep using the iNotes contact syncronisation...

Intellisync ? Spit.


---* Bill