Happy new year to all

Was year 2007 a good or a bad year?
Really difficult to say, many things just happened, but overall it was a good year.

Just scanning a bit in my (weak) memory:
  • the preterm birth of my twin nieces Anna & Matilde:
    even though there are still issues, they are alive and they're growing; they were born at the 24th week of gestation, with a weight of 600 grams (around 21 ounces)!
  • Irish Lotus Notes User Group 2007 (ILUG 2007) in Dublin:
    wonderful opportunity to go to Dublin with Vincenzo, meeting important people from the worldwide Notes/Domino community (Paul Mooney, Mary Beth Raven, Bruce Elgort, Alan Lepofsky, Bill Buchan, and MANY other nice people).
  • great summer vacation in Ireland with Vincenzo and Mirco, visiting eastern, southern and western Ireland sites, meeting nice and welcoming Irish people, good drinking, nice natural locations.
  • opening my DominoBaloney blog:
    nice opportunity to express my own opinions and feelings about anything it is on my mind, making connections to many people from all over the world, but also ex-colleagues who disappeared during the last seven years.
  • opportunity to experiment with NSFDB2, the new cool technology officially released with Domino R8, plus DB2 9's Homogeneous Federation feature to link to iSeries (aka AS/400) relational data
  • chance to know interesting new people from Italy and other countries (Daniele from Milan, Elly from Indonesia, Evelina from Abruzzo and many others)
  • opportunity to witness the marriage of my friends Gabriele and Antonella: nice location, good food, interesting people
I'm happy I had a nice 2007 and I hope year 2008 will be as great as this ending year.

I wish all folks a really happy and interesting new year 2008.

All the best,

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