Domino 7 server on MS Vista?

Although Lotus Domino 7.0.2 fix pack 2 is not supported by IBM on MS Windows Vista, I tried to install it on the brand-new Microsoft operating system. You know, I did it because I needed to install a test development server :-)

By the way, it was the first time I was using Vista, I still love MS XP and do not have good feedback from regular Vista users...

After the Domino installation I ran the server as a "regular" application, chosing the appropriate option from the opening dialog window, somethin like:
"run as service" and "run as application" options.
As said before, I decided to run Domino as a regular application but I left uncheked the "don't ask me again" option for a later final decision.

I could see the usual black Domino consolle window, and everything was fine: after my initial Domino configuration I made some successfull test.

So what?

The problem was that later I decided to ALWAYS run Domino as a SERVICE application!
I could not see the Domino consolle anymore, moreover I got some warning messages message about nserver.exe trying to show some messages...

I changed my mind, I wanted to run Domino server as any other application!
But how to show the initial dialog window to choose the running mode? it was not showing anymore!

After some googling I found this IBM technote # 1178948 :
Change Domino to run as an Application after choosing to run as a Service

I decided to make make a simple Registry update, changing to 0 (zero) the following key:

then I clicked on the Domino server icon and had the chance to decide how to run it: "run as regular application" plus "don't ask me again".

Now I can see the black server consolle on MS Vista without any error message.

All's well that ends well.



Anonymous said...

This is a problem that is going to appear in Windows Server 2008 when it is released.

MS have decided to hide console 0 which is where service level applications run ( such as domino as a service ).

One workaroubnd is to edit the service in the registry to load the java console manager so that you can then load the java console client to view the server messages.

Hope this helps.

Radu Cadariu said...

as far as I know this is not related to Vista or Domino 8. This came back from I think windows 2000/XP and more than that, since Domino 6.x version where we had the Java Console for running the Domino's console. Solution is as you've posted, modifying the registry to get back the initial behaviour, or modifying the 'nserver.exe -jc' in services (from memory, check the Admin Help), in order to bring the Java Console instead.