Running the nlnotes.exe from a R8 Domino server (the "hidden" Notes client)

Sometimes is very useful to run the Notes client when you are working ON the Domino server, BUT I mean the client just available from the Domino installation, not the standard/basic Notes client...

You can launch it calling nlnotes.exe from the Domino program directory, something like:

But after installing a Domino R8 server I was unable to run it anymore!
I got a message error about not finding nxpm.dll ...

I hoped it was just a bug, I could not believe IBM would not allow to run nlnotes.exe anymore.
After some web search I found that it's a "well-known" bug:

to solve the problem, you just have to take nxpm.dll from a R8 Notes installation and copy it into the Domino program directory (e.g. c:\lotus\domino ...).

Now it works and it's a relief ;-)

reference: Notes 8 client on the server (R8 Notes/Domino forum)

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Anonymous said...

On an OS Clustered server, this sometimes isn't such a great idea as it can cause some issues. It's been a while since I've attempted on an OS Clustered server and I don't remember what the issues were, but I remember it causing problems and me getting in trouble for it :-D