Wii consolle rocks!

Last year, during Christmas time, I bought a Wii, the nintendo game consolle.

What I liked most about that consolle are two features:
  • the wiimote, the remote control that permits the user to act very easily, without any wired game pad
  • the Internet channel, that is the Opera web browser for surfing the Internet
During last Christimas I played with all my close relatives, even my grand-father who is 80 years old and never used a computer or game consolle: the wiimote rocks!

During the year I also used the Opera web browser to visit some web sites, but after a while I really missed using a keyboard to enter text: the on-screen virtual keyboard is ok, but then I get tired...

Some days ago I updated the Wii system software and the Opera web browser, just using a wi-fi connection to Internet.

I found out that Nintendo is supporting connecting a USB keyboard to the consolle! Now I can type-in text in web forms and write messages very easily.

The web browser is NOT a beta release anymore, it's really a good web browser:
  • fast, simple and effective, with useful feedback features
  • nice zoom feature using the handy wiimote
I also decided to to buy the Christmas game: Super Mario Galaxy. Time to have fun!


[m]m said...

poi un giorno la farai vedere anche a noi, eh... :)

Iarin Fabbri said...

Ma quando bindiamo le nostre console ?
Così possiamo lasciarci messaggi ;-)