The Google way, the easy way

I always wanted to have my own Internet domain, but I was too lazy to register one and, first of all, I could not find a good reason to spend some money to only publish my CV document and some pictures... ;-)

But soon after ILUG2007 event I started to blog about me & Notes/Domino: I was pushed by some friends and also by the warm welcome received during the Irish event.

I first started editing my blog posts on Wordpress, but soon I realized it didn't like that system (just a feeling...), so I decided to test Blogger.com: love at first sight! ;-)
So easy to use, so friendly

blogger.com is a Google service.

What about images published on the web? Picasaweb!
Embedding video? Youtube!
More Google services...

Then I decided to have some statistics from my blog: Feedburner & Google Analytics !
They are both Google services.

Today I was experimenting some settings on my blog; after a few minutes I was invited to choose my own Internet domain: just for fun I tried to check the availability of the name dominobaloney.com ...

After a few seconds I could not resist and I decided to register my own domain for just 10 US $ (6.8 EUR), paying with Google Checkout.
Google Checkout is also a Google service.

The transition from dominobaloney.blogspot.com to new www.dominobaloney.com was (is) very smooth and easy, everything was automatic (at least, it seems so...) and Google took care about all the technical details (Internet domain registration, DNS settings and redirection....).

Moreover now I have a web dashboard to manage up to 200 e-mail accounts specific to my new domain name, a chat system, calendars, Google docs editing & publishing, web pages editing & more, all done simply using a web browser.

I like Google services, everything seems matching so easily.

Of course I did not forget the search engine, google Maps, google Earth, .... ;-)

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