Are you afraid of the GPS Big Brother?

I really like GPS technology and the ways it's being used in our life.

You can find GPS devices that connect to mobile phones (blutooth), or simply integrated in smarphones, or on specific devices for car/motorbikes (TomTom / Garmin / etc.), and even on some cameras to take the shooter position when doing pictures and later map all the locations...

On the Internet I found a sw company that develops a program for Blackberry (and Windows Mobile..) devices that already take advantage of GPS function: MobileTracker.

It's product that you install on your BB and that collects your GPS position in a scheduled way, building a log file of all your positions. Afterwards, that logfile can be viewed by Google Earth or Google Maps, graphically displaying all your position previously recorded... You can also log time and altitude of every probe.

I guess it can be used by some companies, cyclists or jealous husbands/wifes ;-)

It only costs 24 US $.

See: mobiletracker for BlackBerry

On the web you can also find some online services to track your position, taking advantage of GSM technology, but I guess those are not as accurate as the GPS technology.
e.g. see this

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