No option, declare!

Many Notes programmers simply don't like the LotusScript editor inside the Notes Designer: no surprise because it's not handy at all, especially for object/class programming with your own classes!

That is bad since classes are becoming more and more used for developing Web Services providers. But that's not all... there are many quirks, such as functions/subroutine order of appearance, code auto-complete issues and more...

But someone in IBM is already working to provide an up-to-date editor using the Java Eclipse platform.

Yesterday I found a little flag in the LS editor to automatically add the Option Declare statement in every LS agent, both in R7 and R8 Designer clients: not much but it can save you a little time... ;-)

Just create a new LS agent and pop-up the Programmer's pane window (ALT+Enter key) and click on the second tab and enable the feature "Automatically add Option Declare".

It will add that handy statement in any new LS agent!

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Iarin Fabbri said...

Non ci avevo mai fatto caso.
Gran bella dritta !