Typing accented letters on my BlackBerry Curve

I'm learning to use my BlackBerry Curve device, and I am often surprised about how easy it is using it: I just realize I'm NOT reading the BB manual, I simply use the product and I'm satisfied with it ;-)

BUT sometimes I wonder how to do simple things, like typing accented letters, like à, è, é, ì, ò, ù, etc. , so typical in Italian language...

I could buy a book like blackberry for dummies book, but after some time I searched the Web using Google; I found the following interesting address:
Blackberry Pearl 8100 Keyboard Shortcuts
(also valid for my Curve...)

Here is the tip I was looking for:
"To type an accented or special character, hold the letter key and roll the trackball left or right. Click a selected character."

Simple, is'n it? Happy typing to all ;-)

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