The good, the bad, the missing (Quickr .wsdl file)

Some days ago I read some slides about programmatic access to Quickr (Domino version, not the WebSphere one), "just" using a WebService interface (.wsdl) and avoiding hacks and reverse engineering with LotusScript agents.

By the way, Quickr WebService interface is a little different when Quickr is hosted on a Domino than when it is hosted on WebSphere server:
it seems that the WebSphere version has more "calls" than the Domino version, but they will get the same in the near future.

I just pointed my browser to my Quickr server, something like this.

Problem is that I could NOT get the .wsdl file... moreover I did NOT get any error message.
What was going on? Was my Quickr installation faulty or broken?

// Begin flashback
Some weeks/months ago I also ask a friend of mine about the missing .wsdl file that should be hosted on Quickr for Domino. He replied:
"Are you sure it is hosted on Quickr for Domino?! I think that the .wsdl file is ONLY hosted on Quickr for WebSphere...".
// End flashback

I took a deep breath and decided to ask some guys from the Quickr Team ;-)

One polite guy from IBM answered me that unfortunately the .wsdl file was not shipped with Quickr (for Domino)... He also told me to point my browser here and get the .wsdl file that I could use inside my Notes Designer.

I love Internet direct communication and answers from willing IBM people ;-)

See also: Lotus Quickr Best Practices wiki

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Anonymous said...

I've begun to look at the Quickr and the wsdl. I got the web service library set up in Notes 8. I did not notice that uploading of document is only possible via the rest apil