I wish a friendly R8 error window

I really wish that Lotus Notes R8.x will not show anymore an error message like the following:

In my opinion that message is huge and scaring; moreover typical users will not understand it and they will be frightened to death too, before calling the help-desk ;-)

User: "Please, help me, my brand-new Notes is not working, there's a gigantic window full of text!!! Do you want me to read the text on the screen?"

Helpdesk: "Nooo please!! Reboot your pc and try to forget what you have just seen..."

Of course I'm joking, but I guess there's a friendlier way to show such run-time errors: at least I would displaying a smaller window with a link to a text file with that "useful" information.

Do you agree?


Anonymous said...

yes, I agree. That horrible crash screen is a terrible thing to subject "samantha" to.
I am very sorry.
Mary Beth

Unknown said...

I'm happy that you will take care of "Samantha", as usual ;-)