Is it old IT info still good info? Back to 1999

Here's a small story about a Notes misleading error messages...
For some of you maybe this is not something new, but someone else could get help reading this post ;-)

A customer told me he had problems accessing a Domino R7 client with a R7 Notes client...
The error was: "Server Certificate has expired, do you want to access the server anyway ?"

For me it was the first time I could see such a weird message...
Oh my .... Was it something wrong with the server certificate?!
But why then ONLY one user got such a weird message?

After a while we finally found the problem:
the Windows tray reported the correct day, the current month... but it was STILL 2007!
Exactly one year less than the actuale date.

I just closed the Notes client, changed the system date and restarted Notes ;-)

One funny thing.
if you google the web using the following keywords:
lotus notes server certificate expired
you get the answer from the first link on top of the search result: it's about Notes R 4.5, back in April 1999!

Other search results on the same Google page (IBM technotes or forum posts) just deals with actual server ID recertification.

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