Like Forrest Gump on the bench

Today I was in Rimini's hospital, visiting my syster and my two cute baby twins, Anna & Matilde.

I was a little bit sad because yesterday they had to leave the hospital and go to a town named Vasto (Abruzzo region) : but doctors asked my sister to stay one week more because Matilde still has some breathing problems.

She must must continue to take some cortisone drops, just three or less drops.

Every sunday my visit is usually like this:
I enter a long corridor and then I just stand in front of a glass window where I can see my baby nieces and my sister.

In the meanwhile I also take a look to other visitors and babies... usually people are very sad or very happy, depending on the specific baby case, but everyone is detached from other visitors...
People who come visiting babies are from many different Italian places.

But today something happened: a woman next to me, simply a stranger like others, suddenly began to talk to me about my nieces Anna & Matilde:

Woman: "Cute babies! They are SO small, so cute...".

Me: "Small? For me they are so big! When they were born their weight was ONLY 600 grams, now their weight is more than 3 Kg.They were born at week 24th of gestation!"

I automatically began to tell her all about our story, like talking to an old friend... I could not control myself, I seemed like the Forrest Gump character in the famous movie ;-)

I just stopped talking some minutes later when I noticed that the woman was just quietly crying, many tears were falling on the face!
She just knew how hard was the path the babies were coming through...

It was really moving to see her reaction to my story: I really felt less alone than usual talking to that unknown woman, truly touched.

I will never get bored to thank all the people who gave me their sympathy (in person or using e-mails and blog posts...) during the last four tough months.

Thanks to all!

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Anonymous said...

You, and your sister and your twin neices are in my thoughts and prayers!
I hope that they will continue to recover and that perhaps we can see each other at the Irish Lotus user's group in june and celebrate that your neices are making progress!
Mary Beth Raven

Unknown said...

Thanks Mary Beth!

I hope to bring some good Italian wine to celebrate the babies progress ;-)