LS WSDL import button: it it the right tool for consuming WebServices?

I'm really fond of the Web Service concept.

In small words, using my own programming language I can take advantage of services hosted on an application server, located either somewhere on the Internet or on my LAN.

As a programmer, I don't care about the programming language used by the "remote" programmer to develop such remote services, I just used them..

I even don't care about the Operating System where the services are hosted.

I just care about the API (WSDL definition) I have to call and the number and types of parameters that I must provide for a service call, that's all.

With Domino R8 any "Lotus programmer" can automatically create a Library, both in LotusScript and Java, just pressing a button a specifying the WSDL definition:
the wizard just creates all the classes that are usefull when calling a remote service.

I know, Java is a great language and I sometimes use it for some specific tasks, but my preferred language is still LotusScript: so I tried to import a WSDL file into a a script library, with the goal to take advantage of the automatic-generated classes&methods from a standard LS agent...

I made some test calling some simple WebServices and I had no problem.

BUT, not for fun, for my job I had to use two different WSDL services:
  • www.jajah.com (voip service)
  • Quickr 8 ContentService

In both previous cases, when I try to import the WSDL file using the specific "WSDL" button from the Notes Designer, I always get many error messages like this :
.... 21: Name too long ......

I'm really fedup: is it really so painful to use Web Services from LotusScript?
Or should we, LS programmers, just forget the WSDL button when creating LS libraries?

I know that WSDL definition is a standard information and any language (like Java, Visual Basic or LotusScript), with the right tool/wizard, can take advantage from it generating classes that can be called by the language usually adopted by a programmer...

What is your experience on using Web Services from LS?
Should I just swtich to Java?

See also my previous post about this subject.

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Anonymous said...

I concur. And the namespace thing is a joke. Why do we have to deal with the underscore namespaces in Lotusscript but not Java?

I built helper classes based on an imported WSDL only to find out that if I reimport the WSDL... the namespaces might be different.