Sametime 8 Connect : rocket speed!

Recently I had the chance to install Sametime 8 Server and Connect client for a customer (MS Windows OS)

The customer had Sametime 7.5 and I advised him that it would be better to upgrade it straight to version 8, no reason to upgrade to version 7.5.1 ...

After reading (very quickly) some readme and admin docs and checking backup tapes status (previous Sametime installation), we took a deep breath: only the braves ... ;-)

The Sametime 8 server upgrade was smooth ed easy and also installing Sametime 8 Connect was easy. I also installed the Sametime 8 Server fix (just one file that must be downloaded, renamed and copied into the Domino program directory)

It's too early to say anything definitive, I will get some reliable feedback in a few days.

Anyway I was astonished about the loading speed of the new Sametime Connect client:
it is really fast, compared to previous 7.x.x Connect clients!

Do you have any feedback about Sametime 8 Server on Linux OS?

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