Lord of the (Key)Rings: consuming web services in Notes over SSL/https

Fron Denmark Christian Gravgaard kindly wrote a comment on my old post titled "chef Wild Bill serves Web Services in Lotusphere 2008" (3rd Nov 2007) about troubles consuming remote Web Services via SSL/https.
Some time ago I gave up on that subject, I've used a LotusScript agent and a MS COM class ;-)

"I've had a hard time with this one to - on the Lotus Domino 8 server though.

Exactly the same error. But I found it!

Some webservices uses wierd SSL certificates. Eg. E-conomic.com uses "Thawte".

The Root cert from the remote web services needs to be in the Lotus Domino's keyring file. Not the one you specify in your webserver - but keyfile.kyr in the data library.

As soon you've set up SSL on your domino (a selfcert works fine) and appended the root cert(s) from the remote webservice - it works fine.

Try it out :-)
Questions? Just write me.

Best regards

Christian Gravgaard,
At Axis ApS "

Thanks Christian for your hint, I will make some test using a Notes Java agent.

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