An "old" @DbCommand + a brand-new R8 Quickr integration

I am taking a looking to my e-mail box user interface, refreshing my mailbox soon after my Notes 8.0.1 upgrade.

I can see that there's a (new?) action button that can be used to save attachments to a Quickr place, I guess:

But when I try to choose the Preferences menu item I get the following error message:

And on the status bar I can see this message:

I guess that the "database driver" is about the "qkr" option in the @DbCommand: in fact I found a ndbqkr.dll file into the Notes client program directory.

I previously installed the Quickr connector on my pc and I can browse all my Quick areas with no problems.

Have you experienced the same problem too? Is there any workaround?

I wonder what is the reason to use a custom @DbCommand() instead of using a classic Java/LS agent that works with the selected document/memo.

Is that because the linked .dll take advantage of the Quickr connector, or the Quickr connector is not a prerequisite?

I hope I can put on a diet my mailbox, saving my attachments to a personal Quickr area ;-)


I've always seen @DbCommand's with "Notes" and "Domino" driver options... This is the first time a see a "qkr" option. Today I've also found a post by Starfist about a custom @DbCommand() to run agents, using a custom "agent" driver name.


Unknown said...

Cristian, try to reinstall the connectors.

Unknown said...

Roberto, I just tried to reinstall the connector, but now way... :-(

I will try to reinstall Notes R8.0.1 too...

Anonymous said...

Hi there. My apologies for that error. I don't believe that'll work until you install Quickr 8.1 (which we're almost finished with).

The reason we used an @DbCommand, instead of an agent was because the bulk of the code was already in a DLL. It was quite simple to build the @DbCommand wrapper. We did look at writing an LSX, but that seemed too involved.

Unknown said...

I have the same issue with Notes 8.0.1 and Quickr 8.1 which suppose to work properly. Strangely enough I have the same combination of software on another machine and it works fine there. On my laptop I can reach Quickr places via Explorer connector but not via Notes plug-in and Save attachment to place doesn't work either, just writes @DbCommand("qkr"... in the status line.