POP3 Collect, a Domino server add-in written in Java

Andy Brunner just release his POP3 Collect , release 0.7.0, a Domino server add-in written in Java that collects messages from POP3 servers to redirect them to a (Domino) SMTP server.

DominoBaloney blog gave Andy a little help for the program logo.

From Andy:
"The formal release 0.7.0 without time limit has just been released. You can download it at http://NotesNet.CH (just follow Downloads/Demos). A big thanks to Giorgio Tino for the creation of the beautiful Notes 8 style program icon."

Actually, the name of the R8-style icon graphic designer is Giorgio Toni, also author of the DominoBaloney logo (the R8-styled piggy) ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Sorry for misspelling Giorgio Toni :)

Furtunately, the name is correctly spelled in the Quickstart page of the POP3 Collect application.